Sunday, 7 October 2012

Yea... It's My Birthday!!!

      Hello loves! Happy Sunday and Happy birthday to Me.... Tada..! Today, the 7th of October, another year has been added to my life. I thank the Lord for adding yet another lovely year to my life. Words can't explain how happy and thankful I am to see this day. Therefore, I'm using these beautiful, colourful and fun pictures to express my emotions.

    Though, these pictures weren't taken today,but I just thought this is the perfect day to share such colourful and playful pics. So this was actually a photoshoot with my lovely friends: Maro and Grace. You guys must have seen Maro featured on my blog several times. But I think this is Grace's first debut. Glad to tell you that Grace is the third musketeer.



     As you can see, we had a fun and playful time during the photo session- oh! I wish I recorded a video. Twas so so fun! The pictures are so much and I just wanna upload everything because they're so beautiful- so please don't mind the bulk of pictures. But, I think I should stop here for now, will post the rest later. So about my birthday- I'm not doing a party. Will only have a birthday dinner at one of my favorite restaurants here, eat, drink, and take lots of pictures. So watch out for those pictures. Apart from that, I've been receiving lovely presents from family and friends. Just can't wait to show you guys. Now lemme go put together my birthday outfit! (Winks)

Have a wonderful day!
stay easy

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