My Industrial Training I.T Experience

February 21, 2012

Working in both the Accounts and I.T department has really helped in expanding my intellectual horizon.
  Now, I got the chance to practice more on some of the things I learnt in school as a computer science student. I even got the chance to learn about simple engineering. Thanks to the I.T department of my company, I can do some system upgrade and repair.
  In the Accounts department, I got the chance to work with cash. Now I can handle money very well, collate expense sheet, journal voucher et al. I now use accounting terms as though I was an Accountant.
The company even organised a seminar on EXCEL and AUTOCAD. I got the chance to attend and add more to what I've learnt at school.
I.T was really fun, because apart from all the getting up early in the mornings, preparing and going to the office, I had the chance of meeting new people- I love meeting people.
  Now, I can relate with different kinds of people in a working environment.
However, haha.. I also got the priviledge (not chance this time around) to experience what it's like for workers to protest and go on strike. I experienced this just before the workers went on Xmas break last year.
The protest and strike was because of low and inequality in the workers transportation and Xmas bonus allowance.
Well, thank God the workers were settled and the strike was called off. Everything went well and everyone went for the Xmas holidays...
 Right now I'm still on I.T thuogh about rounding up. Will post more on my I.T experience.
                                      stay easy

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