At the River Resort

     Hi everyone! How has been your week? Hope your week started well? My week was fun, i and my friends went to a river resort for recreation and for some photo shoots.

     I took so many pictures and right now i'm even confused of which to upload. Nevertheless, i decided to post all that my data can upload. You get to see most of my pics and some pics of my friends.

     Would be posting some fashion design pics soon.

      Have a great day.

           stay easy




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  1. Hey Maudleen!

    I'm in love with your coral top! Its so beautiful, very nice for summer.

    Also cute photos.

    Here's a tip: to make the sizes of the photos even and larger google "how to make photos appear larger on blogger".

    I hope this helped...

    Enjoy blogging!


    1. Thanks for the tip Sheyla. You're sent from heaven *smiles*


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