New Look: Topknot

August 31, 2012

Hello loves! How has been your week? I look different yeah? Topknot is one of my favorite goto hairstyles, it is very quick and easy to pull off such a style. And I like it so much cause it gives me "this look" (which I just can't explain)... Although, I don't keep this hairstyle for long... Say, 3 to 4 days. I still can't to without a long, dropped hairstyle anyways.
I hope you don't get tired of seeing this my very favorite beige blazer? This is one of my favorite blazers and I like it so much cause its nude and very versatile. That is, it suits anything and everything in my closet. It is just perfect for my kind of style!

About this look, I found this patterned pants in my closet (I got the pants last year). And I just thought it would be great combining it with my favorite beige blazer. So, I decided to wear a white tank top underneath the blazer and accessorized the outfit with some jewelleries, different shades of brown bag and shoes. Do you like the look?

Well, since this is my first post this week, (though, this is already the end of the week) I will also like to talk about my last weekend inspiration. If you followed me on facebook, you must have seen what it was about. I am totally into metallic this period. I so much love the touch of gloss and sheen on one's look. And I think I'd be adding a touch of metallic on my next OOTD. But for now, you can check out and share your thoughts and views about my inspiration on my facebook page.

So, watch out for an OOTD on something metallic. Hoping to post it next week...

Cheers to the great weekend!
Stay easy

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  1. Wow!.....De pix are very lovely,Maudleen.I just like de way u combined ur colours;it looks very classy and chic.I'll try dis look one of this days

    1. Thanks love. Glad you stopped by... XOXO

  2. cute accessories, and then i like that the band of the pants are black and not plaid. cool

    1. Thanks dearie. Glad you stopped by. XOXO

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks hun. Thanks for stopping by...

  4. Cute look. Your burgundy plaid pants and bag is just perfect for fall.

    1. Thanks loveee. Glad you stopped by... *kisses*