March 08, 2017

They say “experience is the best teacher” and then they said “experience is the best teacher but the wise learn from other people’s mistakes”. Well, we all know I quit blogging for four years and I did learn quite lot during the time I was away till I returned. Here are my top five lessons I’ve learnt from the experience. I hope you learn from my lessons.

1.       People’s opinion matter, but only to an extent: Don’t let people talk down at you or what you do. “Fashion blogging?” “Yes, fashion blogging”. “Do you earn from it?” “No, but I’m happy”. Or “Not yet, but pretty soon” (Even if you have no idea on how you’d go about that). Try to always have affirming answers to all their questions. Afterwards, you could go do your homework (if actually you intend to earn from the blog). Talk to professionals about whatever you are quite uncertain about. Thank God we now have forums and platforms for bloggers to connect, learn and share their views. Bottom line is if you’re happy with what you do, don’t let people’s opinion intimidate you.

2.       Do not rely on other people for motivation: I came across a saying some time ago. It says “other people are not medicine” or drug, something like that though. And I tell you this is absolutely true. To me that is. It’s a good thing to be motivated by others. Yeah..! But don’t rely on them to motivate you. Create your own motivation. I know of someone who started a blog because I was blogging. This person quit blogging because I did. Was this person relying on me? I don’t know. I think I should find out. Or maybe the person wasn’t all that passionate about it. Well, I hope “you” read this post and know I’m talking about you. *wink* (Forgive me, I’m trying not to mention names or even gender). Meanwhile, my motivation to blog was killed because someone refused to help me shoot blog pictures. Now that’s because I relied on this “someone” for some sort of motivation.

3.       When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; my acne experience: If you read my post on “why I quit blogging” you’ll remember I mentioned one of the reasons I quit blogging was because I was battling with acne, incessant acne. Although that phase of my life was a terrible experience and I shied away from cameras and what not. I realized that I should have gathered just a little confidence and shared my experience. As difficult as it may sound, it would have been better to probably start a youtube vlog where I could share the whole acne experience. That is from seeking advice and remedies, sharing advice I got from my dermatologist, sharing simple skin regimen and sharing progress pictures (before and after) of what was working and what wasn’t working for my skin. There are lots of people out there who might have had terrible acne like I did, or who might still be experiencing such kind of acne. So this would have gone a long way to impact someone’s life. Rather than shying away from the world and hiding in my own little corner of self-pity. So if you’re out there, going through one challenge or the other (it doesn’t have to be acne, you don’t have to be a blogger in fact) but rather than curling up in bed, try to make an impact through your struggles. For there’s always a way.

4.       Be patient and put in the work: When it comes to blogging, one has to be patient. But while you’re being patient, you still have to put in work. Create a plan, create time, dedicate time so as to be consistent and promote the blog. Don’t publish a post and fold your hands waiting for readers to magically appear. In my case, after I publish my post, I’ll broadcast to only those on my BBM contact and that was all for that post. I wonder if those on my BBM were the only readers I wanted for my blog. I don’t think so. Well, what I’m saying is audience will come in time, just be consistent.

5.       Be responsible, deal with the pressure and never forget why you started blogging: Don’t let little pressure make you quit. Never allow anything/anyone steal your joy. Take the blog seriously even if you don’t earn from it. Assume you’re being paid and you’ll realize how well you’re handling your blog. And the thought of quitting might just never even come to mind.

I indeed hope my experience impacts someone out there.


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  1. I've learnt from your experience. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Its good u re bck..
    And back for gud