May 06, 2017

Hey guys!
Welcome to May. Sorry my first post for the month came a bit late. Been quite busy with Maudiffied. Today i'm sharing a lot with you guys, kindly take time to read. Here we go Taking Stock May!

Accepting: That some people/things are just not meant to be in my life. I don’t know how to pretend, but at least I know how to try and try again. But right now, I’m done with this particular case I cannot come and kill myself.
Admiring: People that boldly and independently make their life decisions without overthinking it. I have to be like them. I really do. Also admiring creative bloggers and vloggers out there who deliver spectacular contents almost on a daily basis. Especially the youtubers. I applaud you guys.
Bookmarking: SEO tips for bloggers. See here.
Celebrating: Workers day! (As at when I started typing this post).
Cooking: Sweet potatoes… This past month I’ve been cooking lots of them and in various ways- boiled, fried, garnished with other foods, and so on. That’s what happens when you have too much sweet potatoes in store. Plus, I’ve also been cooking lots of yams. I’m in fact tired of eating yam. I don’t want to eat yam again please. We got twenty-five tubers of yams for just N5,000. Someone working in Maiduguri supplied them.
Changing: My mind set. Because it’s about time I stand up to certain situations if I’m going to move forward in life.
Creating: Brand logo for a friend. Can’t say much.
Deciding: If I should relocate within or outside Abuja. Ahhhhh! Yes guys, but will say more when I get to “Planning” on this list.
Discovering: A whole lot of things about blogging. I plan to share blogging tips on here. What do you think guys?
Disliking: Some people right now, sadly they include family.
Drinking: Yoyo bitters. I started this cleansing thing since April. And I never knew yoyo bitters does a lot. I drink it once a day, always the last thing I ingest before going to bed. Plus I like that it makes me never miss brushing my teeth before bed as the bitter taste is highly unbearable. Damn…. It’s bitter like crazy o.
Eating: Sweet potatoes.
Embracing: The idea of relocating even if it’s out of Abuja. Abeg I can’t deal no more.
Enjoying: The late night and early morning rains. Brings such a really sweet sleep.
Feeling: Sad, about certain things. But I know it gets better in the end. Also feeling thankful for the gift of life, we made it to May, yay!
Following: 2017 fashion trends. I’m so into some of this year’s trends. Did you read about my top five 2017 trends? See it here.
Giggling: At “The Thundermans”. I love Nickelodeon shows, yes, I’m a Nickelodeon girl…
Hearing: A broadcaster’s voice from NTA News because I’m typing this as at 9:10pm.
Hoping: That my relationship with the people I’m disliking gets better. I can only wish for the best not so?
Knowing: That I’m in charge of my happiness and no one has a remote control to how I feel.
Loving: Myself right now. I’ve been giving myself gifts of late. Also loving a lot of items I saw in Mango… Last Saturday, I and a friend went window shopping (actually going into the store, looking around and in fact taking pictures of items we love but not buy anything) and I couldn’t help but fall in love with some beauties. I shall return beauties, I shall return.
Making: Plans to visit Lagos this month. Yaaaay..? Is anyone excited? Would you love to meet up? Please, let me know. Also making plans to move out. I so so want to live on my own, for a thousand and one reasons. And as one of the things I intend to strike off my ’30 before 30’ list. Living on my own is just something I feel I must do before marriage. And it’s annoying how Nigerian parents think only marriage can take a female out of her parent’s house. Or a job in a different state, thank God I kuku dey apply for new jobs in other states. LOL
Marveling: At the young couple in my church who went from family of two to family of seven! The wife just delivered quintuplets. All girls… Five girls… God is indeed wonderful. Usually I hear of stories like these but never saw with my own eyes. I have now. I have. My gele would be canopy on the children’s dedication.
Needing: My own space. It will do me good. Would have avoided a lot of nonsense if I was on my own.
Noticing: That a lot of Hausa people love Arabian scents. I mean, you can’t just miss them if they walked past you, either your nose tingles or you sneeze. That has always been my experience. Are you non-hausa yet a lover of Arabian scents? You could let me know in the comments below.
Opening: My mind to opportunities. I’m not going to overthink things, I’m willing to see the positive side of everything. Even if it means saying more Yeses than Nos. Reminds me of an episode from Gossip girl. Lol
Playing: Beyonce’s Daddy Lessons (FT Dixie Chicks). It’s not new, but I love the lyrics as well as country girl vibes.
Reading: Half of a yellow sun. Yes I’m just reading the book. And I haven’t seen the movie in fact. I’ll love to see it but that would be after I finish the book.
Sewing: Wrap everything! Wrap tops, wrap skirts, wrap dresses. I’m obsessed!
Smelling: Arabian scents! The result of testing too many at Cascada in Jabi lake mall. Seemed like they had only those kind of scents in that store and I hate the choking smell. They are so not my kind of scents. Of course I didn’t buy.
Wanting: A clean simple space like Shirley’s. See it here.
Wasting: Not a single kobo. And I’m guessing you already know what I’m saving for.
Wearing: Lots of Ankara lately, I’m going steady with my ankara365 huh? Also been wearing a lot of wrap clothing they are really comfy and easy to wear. You can get them from here.
Wishing: That I could go back in time to handle certain things in my life. I honestly wish I had been wise regarding certain decisions in the past. Take for example, now I’m eager to live alone, meanwhile I had the opportunity three years ago when that job came but I wasn’t willing to relocate. Hmmm, no regrets though… Am I for real?? Pfff!
Wondering: What the hell I was thinking when I turned down great jobs in the past because I wasn’t willing to relocate. Like seriously, what was I thinking?
Ankara, African print, wrap top, ankara wrap top.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Until next time lovelies.
Thanks Chenemi for taking my pictures.
Much love


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