June 11, 2017

wide leg pants and tank top

Hi guys..
How's everyone? Sorry this post is coming late. It was due to reasons beyond my control. It's quite a long read, so let's get right into it. I'm hoping you'll enjoy.

Accepting: That I need to start a fitness routine ASAP not necessarily to lose weight but to enhance my stamina, strength and endurance. Just to be fit in general. Like if you push me I’ll fall, I remember I almost fell into gutter amidst the hustle and bustle while in Lagos. Yeah I visited Lagos last month like I mentioned in the previous “taking stock”. But right now, I’m in Abuja.
Admiring: You out there being consistent in your fitness routine. May you not feel like to quit. Amen.
Cooking: All kinds of foods, especially soups. Yesterday I cooked Edikan Ikong (a Calabar delicacy) and it’s one delicious soup! Right now, mine is sitting pretty in the refrigerator. Speaking of, I’ll just go take it out and heat up to eat with semo for lunch.
Changing: Nothing. Everything seems fine right now.
Creating: Mood boards for the next quarter of the year. Might share on Instagram but I want you to know that it’s gonna have all shades of summer colours and prints on it.
Deciding: To start eating healthy. I have always talked about this and even tried it in the past but never stuck to it. So here we go again.
Drinking: Lots of water. I don’t measure the quantity but I drink a lot daily. Still drinking my Yoyo bitters though.
Eating: Amala and ewedu again o. Yeah while in Lagos, I was sure to eat more than enough of this Yoruba delicacy.
Enjoying: Making clothes and seeing how beautiful people look wearing them.
Feeling: Adventurous! I’m ready to try new things – visit places I’ve never been to, eat foods I’ve never eaten, just do new and new things. Also feeling very uncomfortable sitting on this bed while typing. My back is not properly relaxed and my neck hurts from not sleeping rightly last night.
Following: A lot of bloggers on social media. I always feel a sense of obligation, when one blogger follows me, I follow back.
Giggling: At Impractical Jokers. It’s a show about four lifelong friends (Q, Murr, Sal and Joe) who compete to embarrass each other. And these guys are freaking crazy. You could catch them on Sony Max Channel 128 DSTV.
Hearing: That Nigeria wants to split??? Please what’s happening o? I’ve been hearing that the Northerners have asked the Igbos to evacuate the north and return to their homelands. And they’ve been given till 1st October to do so. I don’t know the full story but this is so bad, I don’t even know what to say. One can only pray right now.
Hoping: That the remaining half of the year brings joy and no sadness to us all. I not only hope but constantly pray for peace in our nation. I really don’t like what I’ve been hearing about this Northern - Eastern separation. Also hoping that you're enjoying this read.
Knowing: That serving God pays. Just do it diligently and your reward will come at just the right time.
Loving: The song Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. I first saw the music video on Televista, fell in love with the song even if I understood nothing they were singing. I simply cannot describe in words how much I love this song right now. It makes me feel some kind of way and I’m wondering, the fact that I don’t even understand the language. Although I found out that “despacito aka despacio” means “slowly”. The song has been on re-play since I had it. I also downloaded this version that featured Justin Bieber. You should go listen to the song if you haven’t heard it yet.
Making: A list of fun places I want to visit before the end of the year. Also making a wig soon. (I learnt wig making on youtube sometime in 2015). Already bought a dome cap and I have just the perfect weave for the hair I’ve been loving – shoulder length blunt ends.
Marveling: At the rate at which people tell lies. Me included. Especially those cheap little lies that come out of our mouths without even a thought. And mobile phones seems to be the one tool that promotes this thing called “lie”. I remember telling someone I was running late because I was finding it difficult to locate the place. Meanwhile I was just leaving the house and I knew how to get to the place. God has forgiven me sha. And I’ve turned a new leaf. Can we just remain truthful at all cost? If you’re thirty minutes away please avoid saying you’ll be there in five minutes. Thank you.
Needing: A massage. Especially because my neck hurts.
Noticing: That shoulder length blunt ends hair are in! Did you get that? Lol see here and here. Well, I saw a few people wearing the hairstyle last year, loved it, but wasn’t willing to trim my weaves. However, I must say this is one trend I’m definitely loving and I’d be hopping on that train soon. I even tried something similar in the image on this post. But had to trim my hair a little. Good new is, there are specific weaves for such hairstyles now so no need to worry about trimming your long hair or weave.
Opening: Emails upon emails. I’m talking about social media and promotional emails. They never stop coming in. I receive facebook and twitter notifications like crazy. Jumia and Konga sef no wan carry last. And I hate leaving emails unread whether I actually read them or not.  Thank God for multiple selection and “mark as read”.
Playing: Chicken Scream!!! It’s a new fun game that’ll make people think you’re crazy. My goal is to play the game in public, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to it. I don’t want people thinking I’m crazy. Now to play the game, you’re to do only two things, speak or sing to keep the chicken moving and scream to make the chicken jump. Yes, the game is controlled with your voice. And I’m totally in love with it. It’s available in apple and android app stores. This is not an ad, I just want you guys to try this fun game for yourself.
Reading: Aside from a few short stories from Molara Wood’s Indigo I re-read while on the flight to Lagos and during my return to Abuja, I didn’t really read this past month, I’m still on Half of a Yellow Sun and I totally forgot to carry the book along with me to Lagos. Thinking about it, I should have downloaded the e-book to continue reading.
Sewing: Really cute wrap skirts. They’re in guys. Have you gotten one yet? A collection will be out soon on Maudiffied.
Smelling: The Edikan Ikong soup I’m heating up. Love a semo and edikanikong combo! Also like the fact that I can eat the soup with rice.
Wanting: To go on another trip. A really fun trip.
Wasting: Time. I seem to be wasting time on some unworthy things, situations and people! Leave it and get going Maudleen. Leave it!
Wearing: A grey sweater with some floral designs in the front.
Wishing: My Dad an happy birthday, long life and prosperity - 12th June.
Wondering: Why we say “oh I slept like a baby”? Babies are practically up every hour and crying all night.
tank top and wide leg pants
Thanks for stopping by guys. Have a great week.
Much love


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  1. Girl, you were in Lagos?
    This was really fun to read. I think everyone is on the Yo-yo Bitters train lol.

    Do have a bliss Tuesday.

    Dami | www.bronzedout.com