July 11, 2017

Hey guys,
Welcome to July.  I'm just gonna go right in with today's post.
Accepting: That in order to honestly continue this blog series titled “Taking Stock”, I may not put up the post every month. Or even if I did, the list might just be shorter than usual as I may not have been up to much. Sometimes the month goes by so fast and I don’t remember to take note of the happenings around me. And I most definitely can’t start forging or making up stories for you guys. So I’ll only share things I actually took note of during the month.
Bookmarking: A few Tech blogs. They have all the answers that come in handy when I have complications handling smart devices as well as the blog. Sometime last month, I mistakenly set my phone to never send messages to push numbers (like 131, 30333 etc) then I had to cancel my auto subscription and found it almost impossible to do so. Tried every means possible, I even reset my phone. Still didn’t work. Then I googled, and found my answer.
Cooking: Plenty jollof rice. My family actually, not myself. I think we cooked too much jollof in the month of June. Reason - my dad’s birthday and stuff.
Discovering: New places in Abuja. Places just there waiting for you to notice or find them.
Disliking: Snapchat face swap. All my face swap trials were horrible, wonder why. I mean I’ve seen really cute ones… Am I that wowo? Anyways, the username is DaFashionFreak, you can add me.
Drinking: Yoghurt! I think I drank more of yoghurt this past month. Wait, do you drink or eat yoghurt? Quite confusing. But the yoghurts I buy come in bottles, that’s why I say “drink”.
Eating: Hot jollof rice.
Enjoying: Every moment I spend with bess fren. Especially when we’re lost in the city trying to locate a place. And google map be like “in 400 meters, turn left”.
Feeling: Thankful for my life and everyone in it.
Following: Chrissy Teigen. And she says John looks like a baby and that’s why a lot of babies look like him. She’s also tired of the John Legend baby pictures. I mean, I can only imagine how uncomfortable she might have been. The ish was funny at the beginning but, it’s kinda getting out of hand now.
Giggling: At all the funny stories my lil sister tells me every day after school. The latest was what she told me her class teacher had for lunch. Bread and Egusi soup!!! Guys, can you believe that? I’ve never heard of such combination. I mean, I eat bread and tomato stew, but soup??? Haaaah!
Hearing: Voices from the TV in the living room. Should be CNN given their accents and “1.171billion that was mentioned”.
Hoping: That the Naira value would appreciate soon. It’s been such a burden to shop from my favorite international online stores. I keep converting currencies.
Knowing: That I am a child of destiny.
Loving: Scented candles. I’m totally in love with my iced cranberry candle from bomb cosmetics. Guys, I tell you the smell is divine… It’s calming and relaxing.
Making: Maxi kimonos. Because I’m also loving them.
Needing: A tripod. One reason this post was delayed again is because I couldn’t get anyone to help take the pictures I wanted. My younger sister shot the photos I used for my last taking stock and while she was unavailable this time, it was quite a challenge. Well, I was pleased to find these selfies in my archives. And they are just what I needed for this post.
Noticing: That the DSTV is still showing in this thunderstorm. How? Why? Since when? Knowing that rain and dstv will never agree, this is marvelous!
Opening: Another jar of Vaseline. Before, a jar could last me months, but since I literally started sacrificing myself to the god of Vaseline, I find myself often restocking. Hmm, If you see me when vaselining my body, you’ll think it’s some sort of ritual. I take time to slowly apply it (day and night after shower) all over my body in every nook and cranny.
Playing: With my favourite snapchat filters. Time wasting though. Also playing PicToWord, fun game.
Reading: My journal. Because I need to remind myself of a lot of things, plans and ideas I seem to have forgotten.
Sewing: Ankara off shoulder jumpsuit for a client.
Smelling: Scrambled eggs. My sister is having some with her bread.
Wanting: A mirrorless camera! I’ve been seeing these very unique (vintage-looking) cameras a lot on some people’s Instagram flat lays, (see a few here a canon, here a nikon, and here a panasonic) and I’ve always wanted to own one. Just for its stylishness. I never even knew it was called “a mirrorless camera”. The first time I searched online for the price, I think I used the term “vintage camera” to search for it. Then not long after, blogger Cassie Daves shared her review on the mirrorless camera she got - Imagine my surprise. And thanks to her review now I know that these cameras aren't just about style and luxury. So double win for me when I get a Panasonic one.
Wearing: A waist cincher. Trying to slim my waist a bit. Just a bit not too much. :D
Wishing: That I could undo a lot of things. Although, I learnt from past mistakes but if I could go back, I wouldn’t even try it. No chance at all.

Have a great July guys.
Until next time,

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