August 09, 2017

Hey guys!
Welcome to August. Hope you had an adventurous July? Read on to see how July was for me.
Accepting: That I’ll have to relocate to Lagos. I don’t know much about Lagos living but, let’s see how it goes.
Admiring: A footballer like Neymar. LOL, don’t ask me why.
Bookmarking: Launch ideas for a new store. No, I’m not launching a store yet. I just always like to gather ideas ahead of time. You know, just in case.
Cooking: Beans. Beans! Beans!! Beans!!! In various ways, and I am tired (screaming TAYAD)! In a week I can’t count the number of times I cook beans at home. Seems like beans are a major source of protein in this our country, aside the likes of beef and fish. I’m looking for new cooking recipes, in case you have any really good one, kindly let me know please.
Changing: My name to “Mrs. Neymar”. DUHH…
Deciding: To work and live in Lagos. Did I just say that? Can’t believe myself still. But it’s true. Well, let’s see how long I’ll last here. Meanwhile, I’m sure Grace would be shocked. After years of begging me to come to Lag. Too bad she’s not in the country at the moment.
Discovering: Lagos, as it is. And I haven’t been amazed yet.
Disliking: The hold up. The roads are just so narrow and it’s totally not good for a busy city like this. Major cause of traffic jam.
Drinking: Lots of water as usual. But right now, Lipton tea with milk and sugar because it’s raining.
Eating: Beans. Beans! Beans!! Beans!!! And I am tired! I’m not gonna eat beans for a long time. (But I’ll sha eat moi moi. Don’t judge! I need the nutrient.)
Feeling: Not only thankful but blessed.
Following: More like unfollowing: some of these instagram pages that share horrible looking images. Especially when it’s uncalled for. My memory is too precious for me to be seeing horrors.
Giggling: A lot at this TV show “Fresh off the boat”. It is both enlightening and funny. Also giggling at whatever comes out the mouth of Trevor Noah, he’s just too funny and educative at the same time.
Hearing: Bad news o. Do you guys see those whatsapp broadcast messages going around? I don’t want to say too much here, but “B.H attack” was mentioned. We just need to be careful and avoid large gatherings.
Hoping: That nothing bad happens in this country- Nigeria. Also hoping that something good comes out from this my relocation. And that I’m able to go where God leads me.
Knowing: That God is leading me to my glorious destiny.
Loving: My short violet colour polished nails. I’ve decided to stick to short natural nails. So what I do is to just polish them weekly. Though they don’t even last up to a week without chipping, but I’m loving the sight of new colours on my finger nails every week.
Making: New blogger friends. And can’t wait to meet some of them in Lagos.
Opening: and reopening these DMG bags pages on Jumia. Guys, a clearance sale is going on, and you must have heard already if you follow me on social media. You would also get direct links to shop on my snapchat (@dafashionfreak)
Playing: Yemi Alade’s KISSING. Old but I fell in love with the song again. I literally had to re-download it. Maybe because I’ve been hearing it on the voice Nigeria. So what I do is, I always play it when I’m doing the dirty dishes. And I happen to finish up quick. Try it, it works like magic. Put a song you like on replay and do your chores.
Praying: For peace in our nation. For God to scatter the plans of the evil ones.
Reading: Every Day is for The Thief by Teju Cole. Funny how I started the book on my flight from Abuja to Lagos, and that beginning story was totally relatable with the whole airport experience I’ve been having. Like, it’s always the same. Please, when will things change?
Sewing: Something white for bloggers hangout.
Smelling: Puff puff everywhere I turn. This is Lagos.
Wanting: To eat these puff puff and fried chicken portions. I remember when I used to buy puff puff from shoprite in Jabi lake mall, Abuja. I’d always garnish it with fried chicken. Oh yum yum.
Wasting: Data!!! When did I start using more than 5GB in a month? In June is used 15GB, July I minimized usage and at the end I used up 13GB. I remember in 2010 when we paid N1,000 for only 100MB for one month. And it lasted. So what’s happening now? Although data bundles are even cheaper now, as we can get 1.5GB for N1,000. But why doesn’t it last a month? Am I watching too many youtube videos?
Wearing: Very tiny cornrows. I’ve had my simbi is a girl hair style for over three weeks now. You’ll most certainly meet me at home looking like your house girl. Because, I don’t wear wigs at home. And that brings us to – Also Wearing: Wigs and very often. I think I was on wigs all through the month of July. And it’s most likely gonna be the same for August. No time to go and be doing hair. P.S: I made the wigs myself…
Wishing: that Neymar would give me just one week paycheck from his.
Wondering: If it is possible for me to change attendance location for TBP bloggers hangout/seminar. As I am presently in Lagos meanwhile I registered to attend that of Abuja. Well, the month is still fresh, who knows if I may happen to goto Abuja by that period.

Thanks for your continuous support guys. I wish you a fabulous August!
Much love,


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