Taking Stock - Six

September 09, 2017

Hi guys! Hello September!
I’m late again with this post, please accept my apologies. So here’s the thing, I started typing this post towards the end of August. I didn’t finish and then travelled to Zanzibar for vacation. I had a wonderful time, can’t wait to share my experience with you. I got into the new month in Zanzibar and remembered I needed to share this post. And then I realized I wasn’t done typing. Now I’m experiencing a whole new life here. So what I’m trying to say is; half of this post is about while I was at home in Abuja during the month of August and the other half is a little about my vacay in Zanzibar during the first week of this new month – September.
NEW UPDATE is that I’m back from my vacay and I’m still trying to finish up this post before I hit publish! So here’s Taking Stock August:
Accepting: The fact that I need HELP with setting up my blog. It’s like the job is never complete. I can’t seem to finish doing all I need to do to make it the standard I want. Self hosting, pages, social media widgets. Been trying them all by myself, but I’ve been encountering a lot of loops. So it’s finally time to get that extra hand.
Admiring: People who know how to stick to a schedule. Especially bloggers that actually follow their blog schedules. I give you guys a pat on the back. And I pray to find a balance soon in the midst of my work, fashion line, blog, hustle, love life, fun and every other thing.
Bookmarking: A lot of travel blogs. Because I love reading about their experiences, seeing images of the beautiful places they visit and wishing I could just magically appear in those places.
Buying: Flat sandals and slides. So I realized I didn’t own any. How come? Where did they disappear to? Now I need them. Plus i'm suddenly into slides.
Celebrating: Maudiffied at 1. Yes guys, my fashion line turned one in August. Although I didn’t mention it on social media. But I celebrated the growth privately and made it official. Yay!
Changing: My mobile phone screen protector. I find myself replacing and replacing screen guards every month. Dang! Guys, it’s not the N500 ones o. That’s why I’m pained sef. Curved edged phones have the most expensive screen guards. Right now, the one on my phone is cracked. And I’m about to re-order. I think I’m just gonna buy like six units to keep aside; that’s N2,500*6 smh. Abeg I’ll buy just 2. LOL
Creating: My travel itinerary. Planning to go to Zanzibar, Tanzania in the first week of September for vacation. Seizing the opportunity of Salah holiday. So I'm making a list of the places I'd love to visit when i get there. I hope I'm able to see all.
Deciding: To travel intentionally for fun. Although I travel quite frequently (especially within Nigeria), I really don’t travel for fun and adventure. I travel because “oh I need to be at a certain location for a wedding or a business or work or graduation or something” that is mostly NOT for holiday or vacation. That is, my only purpose to travel is because I have one thing or the other to do. And I never write about my experiences, I’ve never documented these travels. So now, I’m taking it to another level, hence deciding to travel intentionally for fun. I’d be adding “travel” category to the blog soon. And I can’t wait to share my experiences.
Discovering: That you can actually grow your social media following even without sharing daily photos. You just have to be online and active. Guess who’s a serial liker now!
Disliking: Just a few things. But I’m literally liking a whole lot of pictures.
Drinking: Warm liquids. To clear my throat. I keep feeling something thick in my throat. Someone say ENT specialist? I plan to visit one soon dear. But for now, hot teas, warm water and no cold drinks.
Eating: Rice. I remember complaining about beans in July. August, I’m punished with rice. Issokay.
Embracing: The idea of travelling intentionally for fun and the angel in my life (while in August). UPDATE! (Presently in Zanzibar). Embracing: My reality as it is.
Enjoying: Free WiFi and watching as much movies/shows as possible on Netflix (while in August). UPDATE! (Presently in Zanzibar). Enjoying: My vacation in Zanzibar. I’m totally in love. I’m experiencing a lot of things that I’ve always wished for, one of them is sunset by the beach. And I cannot be over thankful.
Feeling: Super excited about quite a number of things.
Following: Beautiful Retreats on Instagram. They share images of a lot of beautiful places around the world. Dreamy places!
Giggling: At TV comedy shows. Right now, the big bang theory.
Hearing: Birds chirming, ocean waving and tide rising. I love right now.
Hoping: For something significant by the end of October. An answer to a prayer.
Knowing: That greater heights await me.
Loving: Almost everything about my vacation.
Making: Travel plans for my vacation in Zanzibar (while in August). UPDATE! (Presently in Zanzibar). Making: A shopping list of gift items/souvenirs before returning to Abuja.
Marveling: At the Ocean! The way the tide rises and falls. God is just so wonderful. I practically gaze at the beach watching how the tide rises and covers the shores, creating a natural swimming pool for kids and beginners like me. Meanwhile, I finally set my feet in the Indian ocean.
Needing: A work space for Maudiffied. It’s about time. Also needing my own space which I’ve mentioned before in one of my previous taking stock posts. I cannot wait.
Noticing: That the prices of things in the market are actually dropping. Osheee our president is back.
Opening: A lot of bank transaction notification mails and sms. Too bad they’re mostly debits.
Playing: (more like Watching and Downloading) Girl Boss on Netflix. Too busy enjoying my vacation so I’m downloading the whole thirteen episodes so as to watch later.
Reading: Hmmm read ke? I didn’t finish the small book (Every day is for the thief) I was reading in July. Although I plan to return to it. I’ve been too busy and now I’m having too much fun. I’ll make sure to complete the book after my vacation.
Sewing: A floral kimono for my vacation (while in august).
Smelling: A mix of grapefruit and thyme. My Burt’s bees body lotion. Love it…
Waiting: For my Ivy Barber gold slides to get here. I’ve always wanted a pair and I finally purchased one.
Wanting: Both pairs of these really cute slides I saw on 1310 boutique.
Wasting: Sunscreen. I apply two layers before going to the beach or on tour.
Wearing: Straw hat, sunglasses, bikinis, kimonos and sandals every day.
Wishing: That my vacation doesn’t come to an end.
Wondering: When and where do I travel next?

Thanks for taking the time to read.
Until next time,
Much love,


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