Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pastels meet Emerald

Hello lovely ones! Happy Sunday/New week! Hope you had a wonderful weekend? Been quite long since my last post. I was totally busy all through last week. I finally presented the seminar I've been working on for sometime now.The seminar prentation went well, if you follow me on facebook/twitter, you must have seen some of the pics I took after the presentation. Well, I'm glad that's over for now, at least before the time for my research project defense.

Today's post features me wearing this emerald green pants and pastel colours print shirt. I actually took these photos yesterday, wasn't able to post them. Well, thank God its not too late.

I'd also be attending a birthday party tonight.(My friend is plus one...*happy*). Hoping to share pics from the party during this week.
What do you thin about the look? Wishing you a blissful new week!
Stay easy,
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