Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What's in your Bag?

Hello lovely ones! Today's post is about "what is in my bag". I've always seen bloggers share a post on what they carry around inside their bags, and i thought... "why don't i just show my readers what i have inside my bag?"
Though, no one actually asked me to do this, i'll sure list a number of bloggers whom i would love to see what's in their bag *smiles*

1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Take a picture of its contents.
3. Explain!
4. Tag as many bloggers as you want, that you'd like to see the contents of their bags.
Don't forget to mention the person that tagged you...

Here is a picture of my bag and it's contents...


1. Wallet: This is a must item in my bag. It contains my ID cards, debit cards, passport, money, etc. So i just have to make sure its always in my bag.
2. Diary and Pen: I also carry these around cause i get inspiration anywhere and i might just need to start writing.
3. Pressed powder: Hot city, so i might just need to powder up my face.
4. Sunnies: My sunglasses are always in my bag. Whenever the sun gets to much, i just shade up!
5. Red lipstick: Well' since i'm always wearing a red lip. why don't i carry it everywhere?
6. Lipgloss: Who doesn't like a glossy lip from time to time? And i hate chap lips anyway.
7. Phones and handy charger: Can't do without my phones, and my phones can't do without their chargers. So, i carry this rechargeable battery charger along with me.
8. USB cord: I might just need to sync at any moment. Or even transfer something important to my phone, from a pc and vice versa.
9. Dry face wipes: Hot and sunny day? Would sure need to wipe sweat and make up.

So, I am tagging...
1. Sheyla
2. B
3. Diane
4. Ciaa
5. Bella
6. Allyson
And whoever leaves a comment on this post...

Have a blissful day!
stay easy

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