Sunday, 9 September 2012

FYS Party: Part 1

Hello loves! How was your week and how's your weekened going? My week was great and funfilled... though with a little stress. I think I mentioned something about final year students (FYS) activities in my last post. Today, I'm sharing with you pictures from my first FYS party.
HALL OF RESIDENCE: So my first FYS party was organised in my hall of residence. All the FYS were to participate by getting thesame fabric and making any dress of one's choice, taking photos, partying, bla bla bla. Also, there was presentation of awards, you can call it a sendforth. Though, I was more interested in the part where I get to make a dress of my choice and take as many photos as I want-LOL.
As you can see, I'm wearing this fabric from DaViva. DaViva print was the fabric selected by some of the FYS to be worn uniformly on our day. So I decided to get mine sewn into pleated skirt and a top covered with lace. Also chose to style my outfit with black shoes, clutch, belt and lots of gold jewelleries.
So on Friday morning before the time for the party, I decided to go to one of my favorite photo spot for a quick photoshoot (at least to avoid rush during the party cause I might not be settled enough for nice photos). But as you can see I forgot my black thin belt in the morning when I left for the photoshoot. So tell me why the rush? Just what I was avoiding-SMH.

two musketeers: Me and Maro

Pics from the party

There are lots of pics I'd love to share right now. I'm just overwhelmed and randomly selecting.
I hope you like the outfit though?
Moreover, there's still FYS activities coming up and I just can't wait for it. But, on second thought, I don't think I'd be participating in all, cause I've got a lot of school work on ground and my final exams are fast approaching...
It's almost midnight here, and I'm yawning. Talk to ya soon.

Just have fun
stay easy

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