April 01, 2017

Taking Stock -One by DaFashionFreak

Hey guys, Happy new month and Welcome to April!
I'm including something new to the blog. "Taking Stock" - A list of reflective questions that help you stay aware of little details about your life. You know how we tend to get so busy and carried away with life, we miss out on the little things that actually help shape our lives. So, I'm taking stock because I want to remember these little moments. I'd like to come back to read this post in some months or years time and be awed by the things I did.
Now, I'd like you to know that I didn't invent this. Credit goes to Pamela of HeelsAndAbout for bringing this idea to my reach and to MeetMeAtMikes the originator of Taking Stock!
The only changes I've made to the list is the alphabetic arrangement and addition of some questions.
Going forward, Taking Stock would be the first post of each month and I promise to try as much as possible to answer these question honestly.
So here we go!

Accepting: The fact that I cannot keep up with all the telenovelas and Bollywood series DSTV has offered! Sometime ago I saw channels called EVA and EVA+. And my mum still wants to follow all. Haba?
Admiring: All female entrepreneurs out there. The work is not as easy as it seems.
Bookmarking: How to blog better.
Celebrating: Every good thing about life. Even the small victories.
Cooking: The heat has been mad. And I’ve been running away from the kitchen. But, the last food I cooked was vegetable soup.
Changing: (Changed actually) My approach towards blogging. A lot has changed over the years and I’m learning by the day.
Creating: Posts schedules on all my social media. Makes the work a lot easier.
Deciding: That it’s better to pick my favorite TV series and stick to it till it ends.
Discovering: Better ways to blog.
Disliking: Dark knuckles (on light skinned girls). Especially when the fingers don’t just match the person’s face! Plan to do a post on remedies for dark knuckles.
Drinking: Lemon water.
Eating: Amala + gbegiri + ewedu + lots of assorted meat. I recently discovered a local restaurant called “Iya Oyo” somewhere in Wuye, Abuja. And I’ve been visiting that place a bit too often.
Embracing: The idea of seeking advice from professionals. Be it health wise, career wise, etc.
Feeling: Thankful for the gift of life. I mean it’s a new month. First quarter of 2017 is gone.
Following: Creative blogs. Please, tag me if you got/know a blog that I need to check out.
Giggling: at this funny video about how Nigerians react to kidnapping here.
Hearing: Generator noises. This is Nigeria.
Hoping: That you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it (typing it).
Knowing: That I serve a living God and that everything is working for my good.
Loving: My glittering silver manicure. Cute right?
Making: Blog content plans for the coming months.
Marveling: at sunset by the beach. I’ve seen beach sunsets only in photos/videos but never had a personal experience.
Needing: To experience sunset by the beach. Okay to be serious, what I need right now are more hands to assist me in sewing.
Noticing: That the flowers are blooming because they’re being watered. It hasn’t really rained. We’ve just been getting teased.
Opening: Not another tab in the background.
Playing: UK Top 40 songs here.
Reading: Haven’t started a book this month. I just finished “The secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives”. Any suggestions on what next to read?
Sewing: The Maudiffied African prints collection.
Wanting: To soak myself in a pool or bathtub.
Wasting: Lots of water. Because I have to shower at intervals. The heat is not friendly.
Wearing: My hair up. Because I don’t even appreciate the feel of hair on my neck right now. Would anyone be kind enough to suggest hairstyles that would be suitable in this ‘trying’ time?
Wishing: For the rain… Lord please, send down the rain… The generous kind of rain that wouldn’t bring heat like the last one. (In my church they teach us to be specific in prayers).
Wondering: How hot hell would be. Why is Abuja so hot though?
Thanks for reading guys. Again, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did typing it.
Please leave your comments and don’t forget to share. Wishing you a month to remember.
Much love,


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