Vacation Diaries: Beach Style - Green Swimsuit & Maxi Floral Kimono

September 30, 2017

Day 4 – Beach Day, Beach Life, Beach Style
Outfit Details:
Swimwear – Jumia, Kimono – Maudified, Sandals – Jumia, Sunglasses - GewGaw similar here

The fourth day and instead of going snorkeling at Kizimzazi, I’m doing nothing other than relaxing by the beach. The weather was just perfect and all I could think of was to go lay under the sheds by the beach seeing as my partner didn’t want to go on another adventure (especially as swimming underwater and dolphins are involved) and I didn’t want to go alone. Thinking about it now, I should have gone! So as usual, after bathing, I slapped sun protection cream all over my body, wore my swimsuit + kimono, was about to head down stairs for breakfast but then decided to take a few pictures of what I’m wearing. After that, I went for my breakfast and then to the beach without wasting time. My breakfast must have digested while I was sitting under the sheds.
I saw different scenes that went on on the ocean. The three guys that came paddling their different canoes, one falling off and the others helping him get back on (I have a video). I nibbled on snacks as I watched the ocean’s tide rising till it covered the entire seashore. I think at some point I slept off (the cool breeze does that to me a lot). I realized I had spent enough time at the beach and decided to go back up to sleep even more – it’s a relaxing vacation now.
Later in the evening, we went for a stroll in Stone Town again. We shopped for souvenirs and I took so much pictures of Zanzibar seeing as my holiday was coming to an end. Like we were literally returning to Addis the next day.
Soon it was dark and we needed to return to our hotel, when we arrived, I put on my swimsuit again and went down to the swimming area (this was about past 7pm and I left my phone in my room so no pictures). I got into the warm pool of water and just sat there feeling some kind of way because I knew in me that the vacation was over.

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