Friday, 29 June 2012

Beaten blue-black

    Hello bloggers! How is everyone? Been long since my last post. About a month now. Well, i'm done with exams, "finally". Though, a whole lot happened during my exam. Like not totally sweet. Can you believe i almost missed my last paper?? Huh! twas tough! Hated the experience of reaching my examination venue an hour late. Hmmm twas supposed to start by 3pm... Never knew the time was shifted to 1pm. Thank God i was informed anyways. But i'm glad its over now.

      "Beaten blue-black" was simply the way i felt during my exam and i just needed a break from everything.

Thank God i'm back to myself now, strong, happy and not "blue-black".

      Hav a funfilled day... Stay easy...




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