Saturday, 4 August 2012


A beautiful Saturday to you! Trust you had a great week!

Style tip:
Ankara Shakara...

Its all over the place- Ankara accessories. From bangles to necklaces to brooches, to shoes to slippers to bags to hair pieces to rings to glasses to belts.. Just name it! Even to ties and cuff links for guys: And yeah, I love it! Bright, beautiful Ankara and proudly Nigerian.

Here's a few tips on how to rock your Ankara accessories.

Be sure not to wear more than three ankara accessories all at once.. ie don't wear Ankara shoes, bags, earring, bangles and neck piece all in one out fit.. Less is always more..

You can spice up your casual tee shirt and jeans with a statement Ankara piece such as a big brooch or neck piece..

With ankara accessories you don't have to bother about matching colors, but be sure the pieces you choose complement your entire out fit.

Saturday/Sunday is a great day to rock your Ankara accessories and do your Ankara shakara.

Stay beautified!

Credit: Funto Oni
Your Beauty and Style Coach

Source: twitter @funtoonie

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