Florals: In Full Bloom

April 12, 2017

florals, kimono, romper

Hey guys!
I’m wearing florals again… I haven’t had enough of florals just yet. And I do plan to style some more. So how has been your week so far? I’ve been really busy. I’m unable to even keep up with the new blog post schedule I talked about. Hoping to bounce back to it shortly.
florals, spring florals, kimono, romper, box clutch, low block heeled sandals

Outfit Details:
Floral set – Maudiffied coming soon
Clutch – Jumia (out of stock) similar herehere, love this here, more here
Shoes – 1310 Boutique try here, here, more low block heeled sandals here
Watch – Jumia try here, more here

florals, spring florals, komono, romper

I’m guessing you can recognize this floral design from one of my previous posts. See it here in case you missed it. Well, yes, the kimono here is the same as that one. Now you know the kimono isn’t a single lady. Yea, she’s married. LOL
This matching set of kimono and romper is my design. I made the pair way before I started the Maudiffied brand. And now I’m working on adding these pieces to the brand. Because of the positive replies I received on Instagram and twitter. Plus. I’m guessing some of you are loving it already. But please bear in mind that I just might not find fabrics of this particular floral design. Well, not to worry, trust me to get something even better.
Now here is something, when it comes to layering matching floral pieces, you don’t want to look like a clown. Right? Let’s be realistic, you want to put together an outfit that you can actually wear out of the house, be stylish, fashionable and still manage to not look horribly funny. So instead of wearing a massive layer of florals of same design, it’s better to keep it simple. In my case, I’m wearing a kimono and romper of the same design. And in my opinion, the best ways to layer matching florals, I rather
Don't Wear
Do Wear
Jacket or kimono + full length jumpsuit
Jacket or kimono + romper
Jacket or kimono + top + pants
Jacket or kimono + top + shorts or mini skirt
Jacket or kimono + maxi dress
Jacket or kimono + mini dress
What I’m saying is, rather than cover up in layers of head to toe florals of same design, it’s actually more appealing to show off some skin. Yes, the key is to show off some skin just like I’ve done here.  I’m trying to picture my romper being a full length jumpsuit paired with the kimono. That’s a sight I definitely cannot imagine.
florals, romper, clutch bag

spring florals, florals, romper

To be a little extra with florals, you could then wear shoes with same or different floral design (as you please). Also, you could accessorize with a floral bag. Although, in my case I choose to be minimal as usual and finished the look with my go to box clutch and black pair of low block heeled sandals. These sandals are the definition of comfort!

florals, kimono, romper

florals, kimono, romper

florals, kimono, romper, low block heeled sandals

florals, kimono, romper, low block heels

florals, kimono, romper

Note that my opinion on the do’s and don’ts above are strictly related to layering matching floral prints. Because, floral maxi dresses are totally cool – I love them. A matching floral top + pants set are cool too – I wear them. A matching floral top + skirt set are also cool – love and wear them. So please don’t get me wrong. In the end, they are just my opinions. Which brings us to the end of this post.
What do you think about the idea of showing off some skin when it comes to layering matching floral prints? If your religion does not permit showing off skin, how would you layer matching floral prints? If you were to wear any combo from my Don’t Wear list, which would it be? I’d love to know, kindly reply in the comments below. Thanks.
Much love,


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