April 06, 2017

Hey guys! How has been your week?
On today’s post, I’d be talking trends. I’ll try to be as brief as possible and avoid talking too much.
Personally, I invest more in timeless pieces as they’re never out of style, can be styled in numerous ways, and can be worn whenever I please. So when it comes to trends, I’m quite picky. Especially with awkward past experiences – like, after buying a trending piece with your precious money, you discover people stopped wearing it and you practically just feel awkward when you do. But somehow I’m loving this year’s trends. And I’ll be sharing five trends I’m loving. Maybe because some of them are pieces I regard as timeless. So it’s a win win for me.
See the top 5 below:
1.       STRIPES: I’m dividing this into two; Banker stripes and Statement stripes. The banker stripes also known as oxford stripes are the usual thin shirt stripes and they mostly come in blue stripes. But this year, banker stripes aren’t limited to shirts alone. They come in various forms of fabulous dresses, skirts, blouses and more. While the statement stripes are of course bold stripes in vibrant colours and are styled various ways. For that trendy look, you could switch your white shirts for banker stripes. 
Stella of Jadore-Fahion

2.       COMFORT SHOES: Mules, slides and low block heels in general. Let’s be real, who likes to suffer? There’s nothing like being stylish yet comfortable. And I love love the fact that comfy shoes are in! Most of the time, you’ll find me wearing low block heels. They are super comfy, chic and gives an effortless look. Why should one suffer in killing heels?
3.       RUFFLES: For the love of frills. I’m a lover of anything chic. And frills give me just that sleekness. I won’t necessarily wear a total bust of ruffles but I love just a cute detail on my clothing. If it’s not asymmetrical dresses and skirts, I prefer ruffles on my tops.
Monica of AwedByMonica
4.       VINTAGE DENIM: I mean non stretch jeans. Mom jeans, denim jackets and skirts. They are vintage, timeless and now trending. What else could I ask for? There are diverse ways to style denim and I simply cannot wait to share with you how I’d style them.
Maryam of FashionByDaisy

5.       SHOULDER DISPLAY: Off shoulders, cold shoulders, one shoulder, whatever form they want to come in. I love showing off collarbones and I find it totally appealing. If you know me, then I believe you’re not surprised to find off shoulders on my top 5. You know I just had to include this right? And I wish this trend is here to stay. Off shoulders were big in 2016, but I can’t really say about 2017. Hoping they’ll be bigger this year.
Ranti of RantiInReview

Although this is meant to be a list of my top 5 trends so far this year, I can’t go without mentioning exaggerated sleeves! Too bad it didn’t make it to my top 5, I couldn’t decide which trend to switch exaggerated sleeves for. But I do see myself styling bell sleeves, bishop sleeves and flared sleeves.
Ranti in Bell sleeves
Monica in Bishop sleeves
So that’s it guys. My top 5 trends so far.
What are your favorite 2017 trends? If you were to switch one trend on my top 5 for the exaggerated sleeves what would it be? Please, share your thoughts in the comment section below.
Thanks for reading.
Much love,


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