Ranting(s) of a Lazy Girl

March 12, 2012

Ranting(s) of a Lazy Girl
Is it just me or what?? My alarm goes off at 6:00a.m… I stop it… I close my eyes for a second… I open them… it’s 6:01a.m… I close my eyes for a second again… I open them… OMG!!! It’s 7:45a.m!
My bed should be called a time machine. Like seriously, it’s high time I officially made my bed a time machine!
Ok, now I’ve overslept. I’ve got a lot to do today… I’m all in a hurry hurry hurry! Now I need to get to the library, bank, school cyber café, my department and the salon.
Aaah… where do I go first??
The bank! Gosh I can’t imagine how crowded the bank would be on a Monday like this. In student environment, banks and school cyber cafes are always very crowded after the weekends. But I gotta just get myself inside that bank anyways, do my transactions and leave.
Then the school cyber café… Go there and do all my registration. I gotta register my courses online. So happy I’m doing just four core courses this semester!
Buh wait o! Why am I even happy sef?? It’s all the same stress thing joor!
Oh God! Just the look of these courses make my heart beat  skip!
Database Management
Artificial Intelligence
Systems Programming
Software Engineering
Jesus! Jesus!! Son of David. Have mercy! mercy!! on me.
I still have to get to the library. See me still searching for a topic for my research project. I need like three different topics with materials to guide me. Seminar presentation is still there waiting for me. I need a very interesting topic for my seminar. I just hope I get good materials when I get to the library today.
But wait again! Must everyone go to school?? Must someone acquire a degree to be prestigious, respected or esteemed in life?? I even know some famous people who made it (and some still making it) in life without a degree in “anything”. But if I try that one eh, I dive rock be that ooo. Lols...!
Ok enough rambling Maudleen! You’re also going to your department to see what’s up. Though you’re lecture free today, buh it’s Monday. You still gotta know what’s popping in your department. Stop talking to yourself now and talk to your readers!!
But infact, why are my “lecture free” days even more packed up than my lecture days?? Haba!!
Should I skip the salon for today?? I just wanna fix my nails and get my hair stretched! Lemme see how my day goes… I’ll know if I should let it pass or not.
Oh no..! Can’t let it pass o. I’d be meeting with my girlfriends at the salon. Almost forgot we are to spend time together at the salon making our nails. Lols… Girls stuff!!! Wahala o ti poju o…
I think the salon would be my last outing for today. Then I get back home to rest.
Oh sweet Jesus! Getting up from my PC… Off to the bathroom… Start preparing for my already planned day. Hope it goes well. Right now I’m sooo wishing my day goes smooth.
Oh no! What to wear??
Oh no! Breakfast??
Screaming OH NO
Stay freaked!!!

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